Paper Art collection

I have always been drawn to the medium of paper. Cheap, accessible, versatile, and culturally relevant to my Japanese heritage. Origami in particular, the art of folding paper, is a craft that combines my love of geometry and art. Shown here are a couple more recent categories of my work.

The first are compositions of origami cranes in small shadowbox frames. Paper cranes or orizuru have long been associated with luck, and by combining hundreds of individually folded pieces, new forms and intricate textural compositions can arise. The pieces shown are a crane representing longevity (151), and a koi fish representing perseverance (201).

The second are 3D relief sculptures of folding patterns. Hundreds of traditional forms are started from the same first steps known as base models. These polygonal shapes follow the lines of the bird base and the fish base, as if unfolded then expanded. I built these as a representation of the early stages in any endeavor where because the foundation is set, the possibilities are endless.

Media used

  • Gold Foil Origami paper 3"
  • black velvet
  • black shadowbox frame