Hello! My name’s Brad Matsushita (Maw-tsu-shta)

Most people can’t pronounce my last name, so you can just call me Brad.

I grew up loving visual arts and during college focused into the graphic design field which suited my analytical mindset and preference for everything functional. Working most recently as an in-house Art Director at a SASS company, my focus has been brand, event, and web design, but I like to balance that out with illustration and paper craft projects.

Other than that? I’m a trail runner, an ex-triathlete, a lover of plants and parks and libraries, and a part-time vegan by association. I am stubbornly forcing a new habit of meditation, testing out intermittent fasting, collecting a pile of books that I swear I’ll get to, and fumbling around the gym figuring out how to strength train.

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area of California, but forever nostalgic for my college town of SLO. Currently looking to relocate find something new. Searching for a career with a smart, talented team and a place that shares my passion for the outdoors.