Bonusly Brand Refresh

Bonusly, is an employee recognition and rewards platform which while a leader in the new space, had a stagnating outdated brand image. Known for being a platform than employees loved, they sought to expand their platform’s strengths and showcase how they were the “new way” to do employee engagement. The company aimed to shift its brand perception from “fun and easy” to “fun and smart,” emphasizing accessibility, transparency, and thought leadership.


  1. Enhance Brand Perception: Transition from early startup principles of “fun and easy” to elevating the brand to “fun and smart” and position Bonusly as a thought leader in the HR space.
  2. Improve Accessibility: Create a welcoming, inclusive, and user-friendly experience across all touch-points.


  • Design Owner: Judith B.
  • Marketing Owner: mixed
  • Content Owner: Laura S.
  • Brand Design: Brad M.
  • Product Design: Frederick A.
  • Copy Lead: Maja O.