Orizuru Compositions

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. In recent times with the addition of computers, different cultures, and novel approaches, the art of origami has broadened. One branch is the modular build of many individually folded pieces into a complete form. A second is the very traditional model of the paper crane, popularized by the story of Sadako and the tradition of folding 1000 cranes. By combining these, hundreds of cranes are folded and laid together to create intricate textural compositions.

The pieces shown here are small 8″ by 8″ square shadowbox frames, mounting the 100s of small gold cranes on black velvet. The first is a crane, a symbol in Asia broadly representing longevity and good fortune. (150 + 1 for luck) The second a heart. Designed for a birthday gift and constructed of the number of years being celebrated. And last, is a koi fish representing perseverance and luck (200 + 1).

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Media used

  • Gold Foil Origami paper 3"
  • black velvet
  • black shadowbox frame